Sunday, 21 April 2013

Japan: Week 6

6 - School

I don't have that many lessons, just five 1.5 hour classes spread over Monday - Wednesday, and then an observation and a teaching practice every week. It feels a lot like 6th form again with the same four students in each class, and most of them discussion-based. However, I feel a trend might have been set when we were given homework from each lesson, and although you do get a whole week to complete it, there is the necessary reading to go on top of it... But it'll be okay. I knew it would be hard work here.

I also had my two weekly sessions in the Language Lounge. With some Japanese students it is literally like an English lesson, which is fabulous practice for me, and others are so competent that I was discussing with them why British girls think Japanese girls are so beautiful and vice versa, which was eye-opening and just generally fantastic. I also get to have bi-weekly conversations with the girls on the frisbee team, and it's obvious that in amongst the students is where I'll be doing the majority of learning about this country. We talk about what we eat, what we do in our spare time, and I get to see how they interact with me and each other.

Everyone, go to all the countries.

A very cool place I did go to was a second-hand shop, where the downstairs was just full of books and mostly comics, and even had a little foreign books section!

One of those things you never know you need until, all of a sudden, you find out about them. Harry Potter set, in Japanese... The upstairs was possibly even cooler, row upon row of clothes, as well as shoes, bags, games, and crockery! This wasn't a jumble sale either, everything was in brand new condition, in original sets and packaging. Japan does many things so well.

My week was finished off in the perfect way by a trip to a very nearby onsen. My skin is glowing from the hot baths, the showers and the saunas, and my girly senses are tingling from the gossip shared. Many trips will be taken there for relaxation purposes, I think.

So I'm afraid I don't have any ridiculous sight-seeing tales to tell from this week, but next week will be different. One of the few times Japanese employees can have some well-deserved time off is Golden Week, two long weekends in a row at the end of April/beginning of May when people go on domestic holidays, often to onsen! My week will be no different, getting a bit of travelling done myself, and expect to see mentions of some special guests who are coming to visit!


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  1. Do the Harry Potter titles translate exactly from English, or do they come out as something different? Like if there's a reference they need to change?