Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lifescouts: Snake-holding badge

This is a fun story. My Mother and Father are the same age, and the year they both turned fifty my Aunty wanted to throw them a memorable Birthday party. She knew of a nice man who kept multiple varieties of reptiles, arachnids, and other assorted creepy crawlies, and toured them around schools and parties. Although as he told us the average age of those he caters for is about 7; this was the first 50th Birthday party he'd been to.

My Mother and a giant millipede!
 We kept it a secret from the parents to ensure maximum impact. I believe it worked. We started at the many-legged end of the spectrum with a giant millipede which felt like garden hose, moved onto 8-legged wherein I left the room... and also had fun with a gecko who enjoys jumping onto things, such as glass (which she slides down) and bodies, so that you can play Pass-The-Gecko.

Little Sister and the gecko
Our final visitor was one with no legs at all, a Boa Constrictor. Quite safe to hold, as long as you don't let them round your neck...

A most entertaining day, which hopefully went a little way towards curing Mum of her fear of surprises, as she did enjoy everything. Throwing excellent parties is clearly a family trait, based on the numerous evidence of my childhood years; I do hope it continues down the line to me.

But with that, I claim the Snake-holding Badge.

Lifescouts: Snake-Holding Badge
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Yours, Arachnophobic,

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