Friday, 8 March 2013

Thoughts Pre-Japan

This term has gone so fast... I guess because for everyone else it's not actually over yet, it's just the end of my mini term in which I don't have any lectures but I try (and succeed) to make myself as busy as is humanly possible.

I barely had time to write down any of it. However, these are the bits I feel are important...

1. My hair stopped looking like this:

and started looking like this: 

But we had a Blue Party to celebrate, so that was all right:

2. Robin and I ordered Domino's and in the little box where it asks if you have any special requests, asked that they draw a lion on the box. We received this:
And my life was complete.

3. It snowed, a lot for South West England, but a little in comparison to Stockholm.
4. I went to see a couple of role models of mine, but that one I did have time to write about...

5. Finally, I got excited about the prospect of spending four months in Japan, studying. Oh, boy.
Delicious sweetie Ramen was made, a Christmas present from Ellie, a friend who knows me incredibly well, and the totoros looked on.

The food in Japan is one of the greatest things I look forward to ^_^

But there we are! A snapshot(s) of what I've been up to here in ole England, and now I can draw somewhat of a line under everything for 4 months of blogging in a slightly different format.

There are so many people I want to tell my adventures to about my time in Nagoya, and a lot of the time I'll hope to do so in person. However, I'd like a record of my 4 months of study for myself if for no one else, so I'm going to try and post every Sunday, an update of what's been happening that week. There'll still be other posts, such as Lifescouts stories, and if anything particularly cool happens, there'll probably be a whole story on that.

If I can remember to a) take photos and b) upload them every week, I will be so impressed with myself.

Happy readings!

Yours, packing frantically,

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