Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London 2012: Part 2

Yes, yes I know I'm a little late, but I've been busy! Olympic programmes don't sell themselves you know! More on that later, watch this space...

So in my previous post I argued how the Opening Ceremony was going to be stupendous, and whether you personally enjoyed it or not, I think you have to agree that the effort and sheer Britishness of the event was on top form. Eccentric, creative and brilliant, only Great Britain could have a parachuting Bond Girl Queen, a tribute to the NHS, a nod to the immigrants post-WWII, quotes from Tempest and a hundred dancing Mary Poppinses. The people wanted Britain, and boy did we give it to them.

One of my favourite parts was the whole history of British music, as that was a segment every single person in the country would enjoy at least a part of. Nimrod, The Rolling Stones, Dizzee Rascal; they were catering for every generation.

Something I found interesting, not being a great sportswoman myself, was the way the choreographers incorported a celebration of the beauty of movement into the ceremony, even if it wasn't a celebration of sport per se. I think that way it's more inclusive to everyone, after all, everyone has a body and they can all explore the way in which it works. Not everyone can become an Olympic athlete, and it was nice that the final dance was so moving, not just for the Brits, but worldwide. We didn't want the world to be wondering if they were right about this crazy country all along the whole way through the production...

So, I say hats off to the choreographers, organisers and performers of the wonderful opening ceremony. No one for a minute thought we were going to be competing with the precision and scale of the Beijing Opening Ceremony, as our nations are so different, but the heartfelt beauty and sincerity in the performers enjoyment was lovely, and I think they perfectly portrayed our country's mishmash of history.

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