Wednesday, 25 July 2012

To Summer

Toes sink into the long, dewy grass.
The morning sun, warm on glowing skin.
A butterfly flutters, leaving there
A trail of faintly visible gold.
Bright white washing flaps gently, lazily
Mimicking the birds buoyed up on their
Azure sea, their boundless swathe of blue.

And Ah! that blue. The forget-me-nots
Hang their heads. The jays and dragonflies
Cease to fly. Peacocks sit, tails lowered.

And so, they emerge. Streams, and crowds, and
Hordes of pale faces, too long ensconced,
Seek ice cream, merriment, picnics, Sea.
They lie, lounge, loll, sprawled on the carpet
Of emerald green. They laugh, they shout,
The collective voice of happiness
Dancing and wheeling up to the sky.

I love Summer :D It's been a while in arriving, but now it's here I think everyone's appreciating it a lot more than they would have otherwise. So I think it's probably worth the wait. I wrote this in the hopes that it would express my pleasure over this gorgeous season, not to win any prizes ;D
I think what I love the most is not worrying about the weather, as we must so often in our changeable climate. Who cares about umbrellas, and layering clothing, and matching socks, when the sun is beating down glorious rays of warmth?
Many people seem to dislike this heat though, what do you think? Let me know your favourite time of year :)

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