Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Complaining Bracelet

I love syntax ambiguities. But alas, the Complaining Bracelet is not a Harry Potter-esque gadget which vocalises all my complaints for me, it is an attempt to improve my personality.

The idea is that the wearer of the bracelet must change the wrist it is worn on every time they complain about something. After 21 days of wearing the bracelet on the same wrist, they can take it off. But every time the wrist is changed, the Day Count starts from zero again. The aim is 21 days in a row because supposedly this is how long it takes to break a habit, so if you can go 3 weeks without complaining, you can carry on like this forever! I guess if you complain again after you take the bracelet off you have to do the whole thing again...

I heard about the idea of the Complaining Bracelet a while back, and decided to start it now for a number of reasons. The greatest of these is to do with returning to Winchester Uni, something I am so excited about it cannot be contained in a blog post (although I am certain I will try this later). There was one ridiculous thing I repetitively had negative thoughts about, and this was my new room in my new house. There are a great many things I love about this room, even in its bare and empty state. It has masses of storage space, it is wonderfully light due to windows in two of the walls, it has a sloping ceiling, there is a shelf running continuously across two walls, just below ceiling level, there is a handy windowsill right above the bed, and a large flat roof directly under said window, which opens very wide...

And yet for some reason I was bothered by its tiny size. Now I have always adored small rooms, so at first this was difficult for me to understand. My home room in Kent is also teeny, but I love it. It's so much easier to cram a room full of clutter from your childhood and bright colours and souvenirs and cover the walls in postcards and drawings you did when you were younger when your room is small. No, 'tasteful decor' is not a phrase which ever comes anywhere near somewhere I am inhabiting.

If I'm completely honest, which I hope you will appreciate is difficult to do in a domain as public as a blog, my discontent lay in the comparison between mine and my housemates rooms. Of the six of us, four of them have a double bed, and the bedrooms are at least twice the size of mine, and in most cases more. You see?! STOP THAT, Abigail. This is why I need a Complaining Bracelet. My problem is jealousy, it's nothing to do with actually wanting a bigger room. What I need is a halt to all the negativity, so I can let the positive stuff out. (Anyway, think how many glow-in-the-dark stars you'd need for a giant ceiling).

In reality, I am itching to get into that room and start making it my own, and my big Sis (Starting uni this year! Bless ;D) my mother and I are making that all-important trip to our nearest IKEA this evening, for reasonably priced kitchenware, and MEATBALLS AND CHIPS. If you've never eaten at an IKEA, you must. And soon.

Yours, more positively,

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