Wednesday, 29 August 2012

To Each Their Own

There are some facts I think it is very important that people realise. There is so much hatred aimed at total strangers, all for such pointless reasons, and I want to address people's issues.

All bodies should be celebrated.
Whether they are fatter, or thinner, or taller, or shorter, or more muscular, or of a different skin colour, or more freckle-y, or disabled, or with bigger hands, or with knobblier knees, everyone's bodies are different.
Do not let your insecurities about your own body manifest itself in judgement of others.

All genders should be celebrated.
Not everyone who is biologically female will identify as a woman, and not everyone who is biologically male will identify as a man. These people probably had about as much control over which gender they found themselves as you did.
Do not let your ignorance of the way the human body and mind works manifest itself in judgement of others.

Everyone's dress sense should be celebrated.
Everyone has a way they like to express themselves. People have favourite colours, and brands, and styles of dress. Some will like to wear less than you do, some will like to wear more. Some people will spend a long time on their appearance, and this will hold no interest for others.
Do not let your fear of expressing yourself the way you wish to manifest itself in judgement of others.

In a modern world where we have the opportunity, and the gift, and the right to freedom of expression, the only enemy we're left fighting against is ourselves. If you label people and assume you know them from their appearance, not only are you potentially hurting those individuals, but you're continuing the idea that it is okay for a few select members of society to dictate what is right and what is wrong, when in reality, these rules are non-existent.

Next time you find yourself looking at someone and making a snap decision about their personality/sexual orientation/health status or any other aspect of that person's personal life, answer me this; "Are that person's life choices hurting anybody in any way?" If the answer's no, then you need to decide something else too. You need to examine why you're judging that person's decisions. Is it because you wish you could express yourself in a way similar to them? Is it because a book or a film has given you a false perception of what's beautiful? Is it just habit? If all humans went around doing the same thing and looking the same, quite frankly, my habit of people-watching would be ruined.

The world is beautiful because of its diversity. A flower garden with just one type of rose would not interest anybody.

Instead of looking at everyone else all the time, why not take a look at yourself? Maybe there's some changes you'd like to make to your own appearance, and it is this insecurity which causes you to be so quick to judge others. I can tell you from experience that the happier you are with yourself, the happier you will be with everyone else.

It all just comes down to this

Peace an' Love

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