Friday, 7 September 2012

Musings on the bookmark bar

It has recently occurred to me just how much can be learned about someone from the pages they have bookmarked. So, in case you wanted to learn a little more about Yours Truly, these are the pages I consider worthy enough to be bookmarked...
  1. My favourite xkcd comic ('Dreams', in case you're interested)
  2. A live stream of kittens. Especially entertaining as they're in a separate time-zone. I could watch kittens sleep forever.
  3. 5 different pages about Stockholm, Sweden. Including information about a free walking tour, the best youth hostel, and the museum where you can listen to stories by the fireside at Christmastime. This one's very current, the destination on this section of the bookmark bar changes depending on where I'm headed next.
  4. A website which sells PERMANENT blue hair dye.
  5. Some more live-streamed kittens. Except these ones are named after SCIENTISTS.
I feel like the bookmark bar tag should be a thing. 

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