Sunday, 16 September 2012


So, who remembers this hair?

Well, guess what?

Blue is back.
It's not uncommon for many requests of an explanation to come my way as to why I indulge in this insanity, so I thought I could try to explain. Returning to my favourite xkcd may clarify my reasoning.

Everyone has creative tendencies, even those who claim to be 'bad at art'. I was terrible at the subject of art at school, but it was always painfully restrictive, and it's no wonder that the people who never received 'proper' training are often the most successful (Van Morrison an excellent example on the music side of things).

I digress. It's healthy for you to express yourself, through clothing, speech, interests, hair colour... Everyone has a need to do so, and there's no point watering down your ideas, your desires of how to behave, to try to conform, or to please people of higher status than you, or for any reason at all. As I said in my last post, if everyone was accepting of each other, everyone would be a lot happier. I think because it would allow complete freedom of expression.

In short, I dye my hair blue because I like to. It's not necessarily my favourite colour, I'm not just trying to draw attention to myself, I just like my hair to be blue. It's that simple. I think the first time I did it back in March it might have been a small test for myself. I'd never dyed my hair, and it was something I had been curious about for quite a while.

The experience has taught me not to second-guess a way I know I want my appearance to change. Do you want to try a new hair cut or colour? Item or colour of clothing you 'know' (think) you can't pull off? My advice is to just go ahead, don't even think about it, and don't look back. For certain, the person who will notice the biggest difference in appearance is you, your peers will be far more interested in your increase in confidence. Living spontaneously makes life so much more interesting. As xkcd points out, we can't just go on living our lives in a pattern, repeating the same behaviours over and over again. Try something different, something you've always wanted to do. Maybe do it tomorrow? Trust me, go for it.

Yours, leaping before I look,

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