Monday, 19 November 2012

The Longest Day: Proof

As promised:

On the disgustingly long drive down. Made better by a pile of stones and half-decent car-companions.

Action-shot. To prove I actually did something.

At the end of the exhausting day -  my team 

All the Fly-hardians combined

As I've technically now written 4 thousand words, I'll just finish off with a list of collateral damages:
  1. Muscles aching in calves
  2. Ditto thighs, back and front
  3. Ditto bum
  4. Ditto lower back didn't even know I had muscles in my lower back
  5. Ditto washboard abs
  6. Purpley-red bruises, covering knees
  7. Bruise, right hip
  8. Lumpy right elbow As assured by house-mate, can't see it myself
  9. Scratches and bruises along left fore-arm, where I catch weird
  10. Bruises on right hand, because ditto
Bath should have mostly cured me, will no doubt be ready for the continued onslaught of Ultimate on Wednesday at training.

Bring it.

Yours, aching,

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