Thursday, 15 November 2012


I like to imagine what life would be like if no one had a screen to hide behind. Those people, you know the type, who act like they're all that because they dress in a certain way and own certain brands.

What if we didn't have foundation and everyone could see what skin actually looks like?
What if we didn't swathe ourselves in material and everyone could see what bodies actually look like?
What if we didn't wear high heels and everyone could see how long legs actually are?
What if we didn't have bras with padding in and everyone knew that we're all different sizes and shapes?
What if we didn't have jewellery and no one knew how much you can afford to spend on precious metals?

Don't misunderstand, I adore self-expression and clashing colours and bold prints and neutral tones and pastel shades and interesting textures and sparkly things and feeling great.

But... why do we need these things to feel great? Clothing, in fact appearance in general should be an accompaniment to ourselves, not an article to hide ourselves behind. Wouldn't it be nice if the reason you came home happy at the end of the day was because you'd managed to make more people laugh than normal, or because someone complimented you on your smile?

I just wonder how relationships and friendships and the way people interact would change if it was all swept away. If all the wobbles and freckles and mismatchedness and insecurities were on show, maybe they wouldn't be insecurities at all.

Yours, naked,

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