Friday, 7 December 2012

Undeniable Rights

You know how there are two sides to almost every argument? Whether eating meat is right or wrong, whether everyone's eyes see colours in the same way, how our old Earth was begun, why children are growing up so fast, what the perfect diet consists of?

You know how I put 'almost'?

Some subjects, when they're placed in plain view for us to see, cannot be argued against, or evaded, or ignored.

We're all struggling with the changes the government have made to fix our economic situation. Raised taxes, ridiculously high student loans, redundancies. Cut grants for adults with learning disabilities, changed eligibility criteria, different methods of assessment, shaking the security of many people with disabilities. Imagine how much more difficult it is to be independent, or to fund old age, or to adapt a home to your needs with a disability.

Disabled adults have exactly the same requirements to live a purposeful life as non-disabled adults. They need to be able to get around and have a social life. They need to have a place in society. They need a job or occupation. Nothing more than everyone reading this desires. But imagine if you'd missed a key part of education due to ill health, or you needed medical equipment in your home. How much harder it becomes to live a life every adult has the right to.

It is possible to eradicate this problem. Rosa Monckton, British charity campaigner, has set up a petition to ensure financial support for adults with learning disabilities for their whole life. Children with disabilities are usually lucky enough to grow up in a supportive environment with their family around them. The question is this - who supports them when their family are gone?

It is essential that this petition gets 100,000 signatures. There are no advertising tricks; my email address has never been sent to by anything connected to e-petitions. You sign your name (with as many email addresses as possible) and you make a change to an issue which shouldn't even be in question.

Please, please, sign. Please share this blog post or the petition itself far and wide so that we can support a worthy cause. Share on facebook, tumblr, by e-mail, tweet it, any way we can get the numbers up that you can think of. Thank you for doing the right thing.

The petition

Yours, gratefully,

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