Monday, 13 May 2013

Japan, Week 9

9 - Week of Work

This week, I had a great deal of work to do. Reading, essays, lesson planning, typing up all the class observations and practices I've completed thus far... there was a lot of it. So unfortunately, as it doesn't make for great reading, almost all I did this week was go to lessons and do a lot of work. However, luckily for my readers and my sanity, there was a small diversion planned for Friday night, in the form of a party for a special guy's Birthday. Travelling thousands of miles and having your first teaching experience in front of Japanese university students can give you a bond with someone, and as such another uni friend and I wanted to give Ryan a 20th to remember.

Chocolate cornflake cakes were made, origami was folded, and we got unnecessarily dressed up for the setting (I-House). But hey, it was a party. It was a welcome end to a difficult week, which would become slightly less taxing over the weekend.

Birthday boy and Birthday cakes 
Saturday we got up early considering the lateness of the hour the party ended the night before, and headed to Nagoya. All worth it of course; Iron Man 3 isn't in my usually preferred genre of film, but for some reason this trilogy has nestled in my heart. Possibly has something to do with my adoration of Gwyneth Paltrow and the perfection of Robert Downey Jr when he's feeling whimsical. Further goodness was poured into the day by the arrival of an unexpected package, which turned out to contain sugar, sugar, earrings, and chocolate. Housemates. They're worth having. Thanks, Vee ^__^

Saturday afternoon and evening was, more work! Sunday was another one of those memory-days. Like when a film is made and everyone knows it's going to be a classic, hiking through a Japanese forest on a gorgeous day, listening to frogs which sound like birds, and almost vertical paths laid out ahead of you, I will remember. Apparently we walked about 13 miles of hilly, hilly path in 5 hours, and as long as I can keep ahead of the work, I want this to be a weekly activity.

Hikers, and our Japanese guide Kazu
That's all for this week. Strange, I was so much busier than this post suggests! But I don't think it would be too interesting for you, dear readers, if I started typing my homework up on here.

Until next week!


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