Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lifescouts: Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower

As it turns out, I am not very good at posting these every day. My apologies.

French was compulsory at my school for everyone up to GCSE level, which we had to take a year early. I'll just let that sink in. Incredibly, I was one of the lucky ones who, for my GCSE year, had the kindest, most creative teacher possible, who succeeded in actually teaching French about 90% of the time. Unfortunately my French education had been abysmal up to that point so it was difficult for the language to stick, and I can now be sure that I know only a handful of basic phrases. So despite the A Miss Humphries managed to scrape for me from hours of speaking and writing practice together, I am not going to take the liberty of claiming the French-speaking badge.

There are other France-related badges I have achieved, however. The French exchange was in Year 9, I believe, though the photographs of me at that age would lead you to believe it took place in Primary School. I was fortunate to be joined up with a completely sane female exchange partner, who had adorable younger siblings. The same could not be said for my best friend on that trip, but it meant that our partners took us everywhere together. While, in hindsight, they probably did not enjoy the experience, it meant that we had a much more relaxing and enjoyable time.

We spent a whole day in Paris, visiting the compulsory landmarks of Le Louvre and the Tour D'Eiffel. Although I hope to do so again at some point, as I doubt my 13 year old self appreciated them as much as they deserved. The Mona Lisa especially felt merely like I was ticking something off rather than appreciating artistic talent. The Eiffel Tower was much more impressive to younger me. I'd climbed it before and felt like a seasoned tourist, admiring the view of Paris and the long, long way down.

For now, the badges are earned and I'm sure I will visit the sites again in my life.

So I claim the Mona Lisa badge and the Eiffel Tower badge.


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