Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolving to stay the same

I don't think I like resolutions made in January. Yes, it's a new calendar year, but what in your life is actually changing? For me, not a great deal. If you recall, I made my resolutions at the end of August for the new Academic year which lay ahead of me. I've completed all of them, too. When you're about to start something new, like a job or hobby, or when you're changing situation, such as house or partner or country, I think then is a good time to make changes. You are aware that you're not going to be able to continue the way you lived before, so changes have to be made. When your life is going to continue on exactly as it did in 2012, for what reason are you going to change? Where is the motivation going to come from, if you don't already have it?

I don't like setting myself up to fail, and to me it seems that trying to start a hundred things at a random point in your journey through something (in this case, my second year in university), is just that. It's cold, wet and miserable, it's a time of relaxation, so you're going to be fighting against the break your body and mind needs, and you probably don't have enough time to set up a new habit before your life continues after the holidays.

However, my goal here is not actually to crush people's hopes and dreams. Being a holiday, you're probably going to have more time on your hands, and as a seemingly big change is about to occur, that of the changing of the year, it is a natural time to reflect. So when you're thinking about the ways in which you'd like to change your life, make it a bit easier for yourself. Keep your resolutions:

  • Achievable and realistic
  • Quantifiable If you can't measure your success, you're more likely to become frustrated and give in
  • Few Trying to make one new habit or change one thing about yourself is much more likely to succeed than ten
  • Within your best interests Chasing someone who's not worth you, caving into advertising or false perceptions of beauty etc seem to be common themes in New Year's Resolutions
Despite everything I've said, I do have ways in which I would like this year to go, and so, though I don't want to call them resolutions, these are the things I will continue to do, and possibly do more of or improve on:
  1. Surround myself with people who make me feel good improve my life by being in it. I have some very valuable friends, but I need to learn that some people don't consider my feelings in the way that they - that everyone's - deserve to be considered. I do not need these people around.
  2. Have adventures. They are fun.
  3. Experiment with *stuff* outside my comfort zone. What a terrible word, but I wanted to leave it open. I want to do new things :)
That's enough! I don't want to complicate my already-busy existence with changes I don't need to make. I need to be safe, happy, and... No, that's it actually. If anything in my life is pulling either of those aspects down, and I can do something about it, it's gonna have to go.

Laci Green has a lot to say on the subject of body confidence, staying healthy (in ways you sometimes forget about) and accepting others. I think people's resolution should be to learn from her more :)

Good luck with everything you wish to achieve.

Yours, happily,

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  1. As always you are wonderfully thoughtful with your blogs :) <3