Monday, 21 January 2013

Lifescouts: Nerimon

I've mentioned before about my addiction to Youtube, and it is still going strong. Although currently subscribed to 91 channels, I most definitely have my favourites, with content I will never miss. One of these favourites is Alex Day, aka nerimon, house-mate to charlieissocoollike, and straight-talker extraordinaire. Despite their closeness geographically, in my opinion the nature of their videos couldn't be further away from each other. Charlie is often described as 'cute' and 'likeable' and although I'm sure these words are not oft used to describe Alex, he has no trouble gaining followers either (who call themselves the Nermie Army).

The charm of Alex is that he won't pussy-foot around a topic. He just turns a camera on, and talks to it about whatever is on his mind. If his audience is being stupid about something, he has no qualms in telling them so:

He never owns more than four T-shirts and two pairs of trousers at a time, because he said fairly recently that that's all he needs, and he likes to appreciate what he has. These items of clothing are usually faintly outlandish, and it should be becoming clearer why I am an admirer of his...

However, he's not one of these people who takes advantage of the internet and free speech just to spout whatever he's thinking and create controversy. He also creates things which he really cares about. Oftentimes  don't need real words this is his music. His fame has come solely from his Youtube channel, which means he has broken records by entering the charts on three occasions. His highest reaching single was 'Forever Yours' which got to No. 4 in the UK top 40, and has an accompanying music video featuring himself and Charlie.
But, and I am arriving at my point here, music is not all that Alex creates. He has recently launched 'Lifescouts', an online version of scouts badges, but with more relevance to the real world. He's chosen topics that might not usually come up in conversation, so that people can share new stories with each other, even if you think you know someone quite well.

I think this is a wonderful idea, not least because the internet has taught me that quieter people often have the best stories to tell, and they are more likely to share them online.

A new badge goes live every day, and it's been running for 21 days already! I'd like to share my badges and their stories with my readers, so I'm going to start posting those I have earned, hopefully on a daily basis so that I can catch up.

Check in with me tomorrow, to read the first of my stories.

Yours, adventurously,

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