Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lifescouts: Sunrise badge

Can we all pretend that I remembered to post this yesterday? Thank you, thanks.

There is a reason that Mount Fuji, Tokyo, is always drawn with clouds surrounding it, like this:

And that is because it is rare to see Fujisan on a completely clear day. (Of course a google search will provide you with every exception).

When I visited Japan in the Autumn of 2008 my class and I travelled on a pirate ship (no jokes) around a lake, to get a good view of the impressive mountain. On an average day viewing Mount Fuji, the snow-cap is obscured by clouds, making it look terribly ethereal and mysterious. Which makes sense, given that that's where the gods live.

A little more unusual was the sight which greeted those lucky enough to be awake on the flight back to London after a week and a half in Japan.

I will never forget the sight of the tip of Mount Fuji poking through the clouds beneath us, while the sunrise drenched the scene in a painfully bright golden-orange glow.

And so I claim the Sunrise badge.

There are other occasions I have seen the sun-rise too, but that was by far the most impressive, and the one I am least likely to forget.

Yours, reminiscently,

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